In 2004, it started its commercial life with the DURUCAN electric brand and started its business life in electricity, electronic automation, machinery, energy transmission lines,

The project has served in many branches such as contracting.

In 2009, the current name of our company, SCADA ENGINEERING, was established. Continuous development with its renewed face

Our company, which aims to provide trouble-free energy to people and the environment with its innovative and innovation philosophy, started panel production in 2018.

has begun.

With our partners, with whom we use industrial switchgear materials of brands whose quality and performance are known worldwide,

Thanks to the domestically produced assembled panel sets with TIP TEST (TSE) Turkish standards, the projects have different strengths.

As well as meeting the needs of the customers in the range of technical support services.

in the world


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Scada 25’den fazla ülkede, 3 kıtada 300’den fazla projeyi başarıyla tamamlamıştır.


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