Apply our Internet of Things solutions to your business and see that how it connects you to customers, how it brings new business opportunities and how it provides a new business environment like never before. Here are some examples of what IoT can bring into your business:


Opens the way for innovative solutions: Internet of Things (IoT) technology can transform products into services, sales transactions into subscriptions.


Increase business efficiency: Connected sensors and actuators provide data that can reduce waste and adapt operations to changing conditions. Internet-connected smart meters can be equipped with the ability to monitor and read meters.


Enhance decision making: IoT solutions can provide data so you can make data-driven decisions based on what's actually going on. Product developers can design smart and connected products that let their users know exactly what features they are using and how. Use and wear data of assets allows managers to determine where assets should be deployed for the best return and when they need to be replaced. Manufacturers can measure process yields and reject rates and make corrections quickly.


Manage and reduce risk: Sensors can monitor environmental factors and alert facilities and operations managers when unsafe conditions arise. They can detect security threats and speed of response. They can follow compliance regulations to protect companies from non-compliance.


Collect-Store-Deliver: Own your operational data and control them remotely.

Scada is one of the leading engineering, contracting and technology companies in Turkey in the fields of Energy, Oil & Gas, Process Industry, Agriculture, Mining and Transportation. Thanks to dynamism and experience of our team, Scada has accomplished plenty of significant domestic and international projects in a relatively short time. In order to grow steadily as a multidisciplinary technology firm and in the aim of extend our service sectors, we have many partnerships with global companies who are experts in their fields.

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From single discipline services to turnkey projects, Scada helps improve the performance and efficiency of power plants and industrial plants with a flexible approach. As a technology and contracting firm, our solutions include consulting, project management, basic, advanced and reverse engineering, procurement, construction and installation, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance services.