Protection applications in transmission lines PROTECTION ON ENERGY TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION LINES To assure reliability of the system, it is important to detect faults at any point on the power transmission and distribution lines immediately. Systems in use should be sensitive enough to detect even the smallest fault current, ensure safe operation under severe outdoors environment, and comply with the IEC61850 standard. We install protection and control equipment by brand free to provide maximum safety with critical operating characteristics.


Bay Control Provides controlling, monitoring and protection functions for ground switches of circuit breakers and disconnectors in various switch configurations. Products have been extensively used in a wide array of applications. They meet the requirements of IEC61850.


Busbar Protection Ensures busbar, mesh corners and T-connections protection and monitoring from medium voltage up to very high voltage levels. Single or double busbars are protected with circuit breakers with or without transfer bus through wide I/O capacity.


Line Differential Protection Protection, monitoring and controlling of aerial lines and cables up to five lines. Secure single/double/three phase opening/closing and synchrocheck automatic closing can be performed with line differential protection function divided into phases for products used. Additionally, transformer feeders, generators and transformer blocks can be controlled.


Transformer Protection Quick selective protection, monitoring and control are provided for any type of transformer (e.g. two and three wound transformers, step-up transformers, power stations and special railway transformers). Additionally, protection can be performed together with switching for autotransformers, phase-shifting transformers, and shunt reactors. Multi breaker transformer arrangement can be made with up t o six three-phase current limiting inputs that are within differential protection. Communication capability allows integration with other devices in the system or use as a s tandalone component.


Breaker Protection Breakers can be protected individually in areas where breaker fault protection or automatic reclosing function is not suitable or not preferred within main line protection. Additionally, redundancy protection, synchronization, synchronization control and energizing control features allow secure protection for a number of applications.


Line Distance Protection A wide range of protection features can be achieved for aerial lines and cables or aerial lines and cable combinations. A complete distance protection is ensured with selective single phase and three phase opening/ closing, synchronous and synchro-checked automatic shutdown, power fluctuation detection and wide communication logic. Transmission lines, cables or grounded networks can be protected by five region distance protection for phase-to-phase, phase-to-earth faults. These products also have overcurrent protection and communication feature.


Wide Area Protection Effective and real-time controlling, monitoring and protection of power systems spread in a wide area is achieved. These products provide AC voltage and current to power systems as phasor (up to 8 analog phasors including positive, negative, zero transitive, or all). Ability to measure voltage and current at high precision eliminates the need of external measurement transducers. IEEE C37.118, IEC 61850-8-1 and DNP3.0 communication capacity facilitates integration into existing infrastructure system. Various protection and control functions can be performed with phasor data measurement function. Excellent solutions are provided for smart network applications.


Electrical protection in rail transportation Protection relays and control panels specifically developed for rail transportation systems provide any type of protection, control and monitoring function. Designed by employing state-of-art numerical technologies, protection panels provide feeding protection function as well functioning as protection relays for transformers. With large LCD display and communication port, relays enable monitoring and controlling critical important values such as current/ voltage/power factor. Functions

  • Digital distance protection
  • Instantenous overcurrent protection
  • Phase discordance order protection
  • EMI/EMC noise analysis
  • Fuse fault detection
  • Automatic reclosure
  • Circuit fault detection
  • Breaker failure supervision
  • Transformer protection
  • Unbalanced current protection


Protection applications in distribution lines - MV We provide infrastructure for any type of protection, control, monitoring and communication requirements of distribution systems from secondary infrastructure to NCC level. We achieve this by protection and control products compliant with IEC 61850 standards. These protection and control devices make it possible to collect, measure and report smart network elements supporting power systems and investment management systems. Applications

  • Alarm reporting
  • Breaker protection
  • Disturbance record devices
  • Network line protection and control
  • Line differential protection
  • Arc protection
  • Network automation
  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection

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