High Voltage Test and Commissioning Services

As Scada all test and commissioning work in our projects, from factory acceptance phase to test and commissioning phase, is done by our experienced engineer staff with test devices which are appropriate to international standards.


AIS Switchyard Tests

HV switchyard test, maintenance and repair;

  • Transformer all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Surge arrester all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Neutral resistor all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Voltage transformer all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Current transformer all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Circuit breaker all tests, maintenance and repair
  • Isolator all tests, maintenance and repair
  • DC voltage control
  • Protection relay set and tests
  • Measuring device’s tests
  • Control, lubrication and cleaning of mechanical parts
  • Control of primary and secondary cabling
  • SF6 gas/ vacuum addition and control
  • Busbar junction point control and torching
  • Circuit breaker repair and change
  • Separator repair and change
  • Current transformer change
  • Voltage transformer change
  • Current transformer electrical tests
  • Power (% PF, tand, capacity) tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Saturation tests
  • Current ratio tests
  • Polarity tests
  • Winding resistance tests
  • Load tests


Current Transformer maintenance and control;

  • SIMS and ECS environmental control system and mechanic equipment
  • Current transformer terminal cabling control
  • Oil-immersed current transformers’ oil level control
  • Primary binding control and cleaning work Isolator maintenance and control;
  • Contact transition resistance tests
  • Insulation resistance tests


Isolator maintenance and control;

  • Contact maintenance
  • Mechanism lubrication and cleaning
  • Bushing control and cleaning
  • Mechanism set
  • Control panel cabling and hardware control
  • Record of motor current values after maintenance
  • Busbar junction point cleaning and lubrication.
  • Isolator drive motor control


Isolator maintenance;

  • Repair and change
  • Mechanic installations maintenance and change
  • Bearing, gland and ring change
  • Control panel hardware repair and change
  • Isolator drive motor renewal


GIS Switchyard Tests

Circuit breaker electrical tests;

  • Power factor (% PF, tand, capacity) tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Open / Close duration tests
  • Contact transition resistance tests Circuit breaker maintenance and control;
  • Circuit breaker open and close bobbin change
  • Circuit breaker set motor control
  • Circuit breaker spring mechanism control
  • Circuit breaker cabling control
  • Circuit breaker contact maintenance
  • Mechanism lubrication and cleaning.
  • Circuit breaker SF6 gas vacuum level control and addition
  • SF6/ Vacuum tubes renewal
  • SF6 Gas addition, defueling and vacuuming


Voltage transformer electrical tests;

  • Power factor (% PF, tand, capacity) tests
  • Excitation current tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Voltage converter ratio tests
  • Winding resistance tests

Voltage transformer maintenance and controls;

  • Voltage transformer terminal cabling control
  • Primary junction control and cleaning


Protection & IED Tests Protection and control relay systems;

  • Distance protection relay tests
  • Over current and earth relay tests
  • Directional over current and directional earth relay tests
  • Low and high voltage relay tests
  • Low and high frequency relay tests
  • Differential relay tests
  • Busbar protection relay tests
  • Measuring devices and power analyzer tests
  • Unbalanced load relay
  • Metering tests
  • Synchronization check relay tests
  • Substations relay coordination and short circuit calculations
  • Transformer simulation tests
  • Circuit breaker secondary signal tests


Protection and control relays set and tests;

  • Protection and control relays set and tests
  • Transducer tests
  • Metering devices tests


Power Plant Tests

Rotating machines test and maintenance;

  • Type u p (% PF, tand, capacity) tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • DC high voltage tolerance tests
  • AC high voltage tolerance tests

Generators / Motors

  • Winding resistance tests
  • Rotor windings impedance tests
  • Pole voltage tests
  • Winding discharge tests


Scada & Communication Tests

SCADA automation;

  • Protection systems’ SCADA adaptation
  • SCADA projects
  • Load rejection automation
  • Integration of electric infrastructure and automation systems
  • Monitoring and reporting


  • Planning and design of communication projects
  • Identify of communication problems and solution of problems
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and service
  • Development of systems
  • All the processes of communication projects are carried out as turnkey
  • Communication systems project design
  • Panel production and factory assent test
  • Field applications and installation
  • Field testing and commissioning

Scada is one of the leading engineering, contracting and technology companies in Turkey in the fields of Energy, Oil & Gas, Process Industry, Agriculture, Mining and Transportation. Thanks to dynamism and experience of our team, Scada has accomplished plenty of significant domestic and international projects in a relatively short time. In order to grow steadily as a multidisciplinary technology firm and in the aim of extend our service sectors, we have many partnerships with global companies who are experts in their fields.

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From single discipline services to turnkey projects, Scada helps improve the performance and efficiency of power plants and industrial plants with a flexible approach. As a technology and contracting firm, our solutions include consulting, project management, basic, advanced and reverse engineering, procurement, construction and installation, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance services.