Industrial production, which started with the industrial revolution, is increasing day by day, causing an unprecedented energy need today. Every community that wants to have uninterrupted energy for industrial and daily needs has met their energy needs from fossil fuel-based power plants until recent years, and they have pushed the limits of our blue planet with the emissions they release into the atmosphere. Developing technology and new possibilities now allow us to produce more of our energy from renewable energy sources. For a sustainable future plan, we need to control all emission sources such as factories, fossil fuel cars, airplanes and ships, not just power plants, and develop more environmentally friendly solutions instead.


Increasingly extreme weather events and rising sea levels are clear signs of one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. The melting of the polar glaciers, unprecedented weather events, and the food crisis due to extreme drought are increasing on a global scale, affecting almost every country directly or indirectly. In addition, approximately 850 million people still do not have access to electricity, which is the basis of sustainable development. Due to the increasing population, scattered settlements and energy transmission and distribution lines that cannot reach these places leave many people in the dark.


Today's air and water pollution changes climates, agriculture is adversely affected by changing climates and causes a food crisis at the end of the day. Especially in Africa, millions of square meters of fertile lands cannot be irrigated and remain barren, due to the inability to provide energy to the water lines and pumping stations that will be used to irrigate agricultural lands. Countries that are not self-sufficient are struggling with pollution and climate crises as well as hunger.


As Scada, we pay attention to ensure that the technologies we use in every field we operate are the most efficient and have the least impact on the environment. While trying to reduce our carbon footprint with different solutions developed by our engineers, we also provide the technological infrastructures that can work with high efficiency in the production lines and facilities of our customers. With our mobile hybrid solutions, we take energy to regions where energy cannot be transmitted, ensuring that regions meet their heating, cooling and irrigation needs to a minimum. We know that our resources must be used correctly for a sustainable future, and we maximize efficiency in all facilities and power plants with our new software and automation solutions.

To ensure maximum benefit, we focus on the following issues;

Quality Education

Gender equality

Economic and Clean Energy

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Production and Consumption with a Consciousness of Responsibility