The scope of Balance of Plant includes systems, components, and structures in a power plant other than the main generation and heat recovery systems. BOP aims to combine various independent control systems on a single platform.


Integration of these systems in an optimum way, ability to share data among systems and the flexibility introduced by this system are important parameters leading to the efficiency and productivity of a power plant.


The scope of the BOP contains;

  • Electrical Balance of Plant (E-BoP)
  • Mechanical Balance of Plant (M-BoP)
  • Civil Balance of Plant (C-BoP)
  • Automation, Communication and Protection Systems


Some of our specific solutions for BoP;

  • Basic, Detailed and Reverse Engineering
  • Installation of E-BoP and M-BoP
  • Construction of C-BoP
  • Modulation control
  • Sequence control
  • Boiler burning control
  • Feedwater pump control
  • Boiler safety supervision
  • Data acquisition
  • Electrical system control
  • “Balance of Plant” equipment control
  • Stack gas desulphurization control
  • Turbine control
  • Turbine supervision instrumentation devices
  • Combined Cycle control
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Data transfer to ERP system
  • Boiler optimization
  • System efficiency map

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