SCADA is the global provider of Energy Storage Systems and produce the systems at its factory in KONYA, Turkey as a turnkey. This factory has an enclosure production line and integrates all components and systems including battery rack cabinets, battery management system, energy management system, DC connection panel, Inverter, AC panel, HVAC, fire detection & extinguishing system and lightin energy storage systems (SESS) are combined battery systems that allow the energy to be stored in lithium-ion batteries from the desired energy source at the preferred time and used at the desired time and place.


SCADA The main purpose of SESS for electrical networks is to convert and store electrical energy into a form to be stored and to transfer it back to the grid as electrical energy when needed. SESS is installed together with control & management systems to support a safe and reliable operating process. The aim is not only to provide local control but also to enable coordinated control of equipment throughout the national network. SESS can self-charge and discharge in order to benefit from reducing costs and to control demand load. A comparison of the efficiency of our systems is carried out under some headings.


Separability: Our SESS responds appropriately to the daily, weekly or seasonally changing load profile and demand load.


Intermittent Operation:  Our SESS responds quickly to the intermittent generation profile of distributed generation units based on renewable energy such as wind and solar energy sources, and to fluctuations in the output power of other generation units.


Efficiency: The losses in the charge/discharge process of our SESS is minimum.


Lifetime: SESS has the longest lifetime by its advanced battery management system. (+5.000 cycles with %80 DoD 0.5 Charge     1 Discharge / 0.5 - 1 C Rate)


As a grid-level application, energy management systems (EMS) of a battery energy storage system (SESS) were deployed in real-time at utility control centers as an important component of power grid management. SCADA  EMS (pEMS) is designed for the application scenarios, such as reduction of power output fluctuations, agreement to the output plan at the renewable energy generation side, power grid frequency adjustment, power flow optimization at the power transmission side, and a distributed and mobile energy storage system at the power distribution side. pEMS and optimization methods are required to effectively and safely utilize energy storage as a flexible grid asset that can provide multiple grid services. pEMS is able to accommodate a variety of use cases and regulatory environments for off-grid and on-grid systems.




Renewable / Conventional Power Plants

Renewable power plants have variable and sometimes unpredictable production profiles during the day with their discontinuous structure. The biggest reason for this is that the effect of generation resources (solar, wind) on renewable power plants is constantly variable. However, in our world where carbon emissions are tried to be reduced, SESS offers unique opportunities to ensure that renewable energy-based production is sustained, and less conventional energy production facilities are needed in the grid. This usage purpose is to store the excess production during the day and use it when the production is low.


Hybrid Power Plant Applications

SESS is the lack part of the puzzle for 100% renewable energy. It is the unique option for zero carbon future to supply electricity at the maximum efficiency from wind and solar hybrid power plants.


Arbitrage Options

Electricity can be bought at night hours when the price is low. Hence it can be sold at demand hours. SESS provides you the sweet spots in your production.


Demand/Capacity Control Option

Electricity can be bought at night hours when the price is low. Hence it can be used at demand hours.


Load Shifting

Grid demand values always have a duck curved diagram at the consumption side. It is the most noticeable fact that consumption will get relatively higher at demand hours. The stored energy can be used to flatten the graph.


Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is also a helpful option for some periods and special usage. This option aims to correct relatively low energy than other options.


Micro-grid Option

SESS provides a comprehensive solution for local needs. This option is important for rural areas, off-grid installations, temporary sites such as mining fields and construction sites.


Railway Support

Railway system and related heavy electrical vehicles used to accept electricity as the main fuel for decades. SESS provides electricity as a more stable supply. It is also helpful for safe operations and longer operating life.


Frequency Regulation

Primarily and Secondary Frequency Participation is important for grid security. Therefore, SESS provides the ability of frequency control on your grid.


EV Charge Support

Electrical Vehicle Charge Points are additional loads for the existing electricity grid. The energy storage option is a rational alternative to prevent the negative effects of e-mobility to the grid. Also, it is the most important complement.

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